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Your Gay Living Room

The Café

The Sub Café is a popular hangout with the friendliest, most diverse and colorful crowd in the city! Stop by for a drink and a chat or to check your woofs and footprints with the free WiFi.

Our amazing volunteers staff the café 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Opening Hours
Sun-Thurs 7pm-11pm
Fri 7pm-12am
Sat 8pm-1am
1st & 3rd Sunday 3pm-11pm

Take a shopping break Saturday afternoon for a quiet coffee or have a beer later with the loud and lively evening crowd.

If you're ready to party, check out our special events and theme nights!

SingStar is the legendary karaoke party every 1st Saturday of the month. Give your best Agnetha or Boy George and try to win a cocktail with a high score!

Fetish Around the Coffee Table - Put on your big black boots 'n your denim Daisy Dukes with your bleached blond hair and your leather underwear, 'cause you know you're fine!  Sexy studs in leather, rubber and sportswear serve fetish fans exactly what they want.  A hot night with no dresscode and no attitude, every first friday of the month!

Carnival and Halloween Parties in the Sub are spectacular.  The neighborhood hums with the sound of sewing machines in the weeks leading up to these events!

Other events include 90s Trash Night, Mashup, Poppen am Samstag, Girlified and Gerhards Waschtag.

See also the full calendar of events (in German).

Beyond the Café

The Sub also organizes events outside the Center.

The Hans-Sachs-Strassenfest is the Sub's largest event.  10,000 guests pack into the Hans-Sachs-Strasse every year in August to celebrate the founding of the Sub! More information at www.schwules-strassenfest.de.

The Sub partners with the Münchner Aidshilfe, LeTra and the Rosa Liste to organize the annual Pride Weekend (Christopher Street Day) in July.  The Rathaus-Clubbing Party in the Neo-Gothic City Hall on Marienplatz is legendary.